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Ha Giang



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"Suddenly realized the flavor of guava - Throwing into the wind - The mist sagging through the alley - It looks like autumn has come"

For many poets, autumn is an endless source of inspiration. There are many artists' souls that are vibrating when they return out there, so many poems fly on the pages as the autumn air kisses the sweet young girl's lips in the wind. And at Checkin, we are also thrilled with that autumn - and autumn is also the endless source of inspiration that we want to send to our customers - the brilliant autumn of the triangle - autumn Ha Giang.

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Ha Giang heaven and earth are equivalent to autumn Triangular flowers are also blooming. Ha Giang entered the most beautiful, bustling and wonderful days of this place, when the earth and heaven opened their hearts to welcome visitors from visitors here, enjoying the treasures that nature has bestowed on this place. . Following that flow, Checkin Travel also wants its customers to have such meaningful experiences next to the thousands of triangular flowers or waves of yellow clouds underfoot in Ha Giang. Tour of Yen Minh - Dong Van - Acoustic Ha Giang (Tour Ha Giang 2 days 2 nights) is dedicated to our team and specially prepared for any heart wishing to beat with the top land The beautiful country here, Ha Giang has entered the triangular season

Lung Cu flagpole

It can be said that Yen Minh - Dong Van - Acoustic Ha Giang (Ha Giang Tour 2 days 2 nights) is a complete tour of emotions and Checkin Travel did. Most of the famous landscapes in Ha Giang are included in this tour, including Quan Ba heaven gate - Co Tien twin mountain, Fox Street, Sung La, Lung Cam cultural village, King Meo palace, column Lung Cu flag and Ma Pi Leng Pass. We believe that with the attractions arranged in the itinerary appropriately because Checkin's long experience will give visitors the most complete and complete emotional experience.

The pristine look of Fox Street

What Checkin Travel hopes and endeavors for customers to have when accompanying us on this tour is the fullness of emotions. For 2 days / 2 nights in Ha Giang, we want to join you to visit Quan Ba ​​heaven gate - Co Tien twin mountain - where Ha Giang nature appears sexier and sexier than ever, enjoying the wonders The magic and the creation for this place, together with you, go back in time to the ancient pristines at Fox Street, immerse yourself in the unique ethnic cultural space at Lung Cam cultural village, Meo king's residence, with you to watch Watching the flag of the Fatherland soaring over the North Pole of our country - Lung Cu flagpole and then capturing all the nature of Ha Giang and watching the sea of ​​clouds dancing at his feet at Ma Pi Leng pass. In particular, the Acoustic music night (Ha Giang Tour 2 days 2 nights) organized by us / blood-blood on the evening of October 17 and November 7 will be the first time that the handshake between music and tourism is real Checkin Travel. show. Experience the harmony of emotions and sublimation with music will surely make visitors have the most meaningful experiences.

ma-pi-leng.jpgThe majestic Ma Pi Leng Pass


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DEPARTURE SCHEDULE: 19h every Friday

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Red flag with yellow star.

Standard medical mask 1 pcs / person / day.

Hand sanitizer according to health ministry standards.

Medical declaration before tour.


All customers install Bluezone apps while on tour.

HOTLINE: 02463 272 979

ZALO: 0916 084 789

Dong Van Plateau

Dong Van rocky plateau (Dong Van plateau) has an area of ​​2,356.8 km2 spread over four districts, including: Dong Van, Yen Minh, Meo Vac, Quang Ba of Ha Giang province. On October 3, 2010, it was officially recognized by UNESCO as Dong Van Rock Plateau as a global geopark. Dong Van Rock Plateau is the first geological park in Vietnam among three recognized parks, including: Dong Van Rock Plateau Geopark (October 3, 2010) Cao Bang Non Nuoc Geopark (April 12, 2018) and Dak Nong Geopark (2020).


Dong Van rocky plateau is in the northernmost region of Vietnam, with an average altitude of 1,000 - 1,600m. The plateau has many special limestone mountains, containing typical marks of the development history of the earth's crust, natural phenomena, unique aesthetic landscapes, and high biodiversity. The massif is made up of a series of sediments including limestone, shale, and silicic limestone containing fossils some 426 million years ago, including many of the slides and fissures caused by mountain-forming activities. .


Currently, Dong Van rocky plateau is home to 17 ethnic minorities with about 250,000 people. Typical ethnic groups such as H’Mong, Dao, Tay, Nung, in addition there are only ethnic groups such as La Chi, Pu Peo, Pa Then, Lo Lo living here.


Lung Cu Flagpole

Lung Cu flagpole is a national flagpole of Vietnam located atop Lung Cu, also known as Dragon Mountain (Long Son), located at an altitude of 1,470m above sea level. Lung Cu flagpole is located in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. If you imagine Vietnam's border with China as a chop, the two lowest points in latitude are A Pha Chai (Dien Bien) and Sa Vi (Quang Ninh), and Lung Cu (Ha Giang) is the top of This pyramid is also the highest point in the North Pole of Vietnam.

The red flag with yellow star hanging on the flagpole has a width of 6m and a length of 9m, forming a flag with an area of ​​54m2 representing 54 Brothers of the Nation.

The landscape at the foot of the flagpole is mountains interspersed by terraced fields and triangular flower gardens, creating a very wild beauty, characteristic of the Northwestern region of Vietnam.


Ma Pi Leng

Ma Pi Leng Pass is located at an altitude of 1,200 m, and is a pass on National Highway 4C in the land of Pả Lung and Pa Vi communes, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province, Vietnam. Ma Pi Leng is one of the four great mountain passes of the Northwest including: Ma Pi Leng (Ha Giang), O Quy Ho (Lao Cai), Khau Pha (Yen Bai) and Pha Din (Dien Bien).

Ma Pi Leng Pass or Ma Pi Leng Pass (in H'Mong, Ma Pi Leng, also read as Ma Pi Leng) is a name in H'Mong language, only the bridge of the horse indicates the top of the mountain to stand upright. horse nose.


Ma Pi Leng Peak belongs to Dong Van rocky plateau, about 1,200-1,600 m above sea level. The landscape of this area is jagged with rocks, in which the deep valley of the Nho Que River is cut in half, one side is the top of Ma Pi Leng and the other is Xin Cai, where the border markers and the Sam Pun border gate are common to Dien Bong Chinese party. Walking on the Ma Pi Leng pass, looking down into the deep pool, the Nho Que River is as small as a thread.


Nho Que River

Nho Que River originates from the mountains of Nghem Son (Yunnan, China) from an altitude of 1500m, flows in the direction of Northwest - Southeast. With a length of 192km, Nho Que River has "stretched" 46km in the territory of Ha Giang - Cao Bang, Vietnam.

Going along Nho Que River, you will see steep and high cliffs on both sides of the river, especially Tu San alley. In the sections flowing through many layers of sharp cat-ear rock, the river forms white rapids and heats of rocky beaches, swirling water day and night. Makes people a little overwhelmed by the grandeur that nature favors the people here.

Tu San Alley is the deepest parallel alley in Vietnam, the highest point from the living surface to the top of the alley is 800m high. Tu San alley 1.7km long, is an extremely beautiful wonder of Dong Van rocky plateau. This canyon is the product of miraculous construction from millions of years ago, when this place was still submerged in the immense ocean. During the changing process of the Earth's crust, water recedes, eroded, leaving this unique geological legacy up to now.


Flowers triangular circuit

Triangular vascular flower is a food tree flower of the Fabaceae family, grown by the people of Ha Giang province. This flower is usually in full bloom from mid-October to mid-November. The petals cluster together to form a conical cone, with three triangular faces holding the center of a precious vascular seed. At the time of blooming, the Triangular Circuit flower fields are ideal places to take pictures for those who have a passion for photography.

The color of the flower changes from time to time. When they first bloom, they have a pure white color, then turn to a pinkish purple color and finally dark red. Amidst the arid rocky niches, the gentle, unexpected appearance of fragile flowers has a gentle beauty that makes far-away guests feel warm. Sometimes flowers grow on the hillside, terraced fields; at times, forcefully rose up from a cat-ear-shaped slit or peeked out on the front porch.


Tổng Hợp Checkin Travel.



18h30: Pick up at the meeting point: Opera House - Hanoi, depart for Ha Giang. On the way you stay overnight in the car.
00h30: You arrive in Ha Giang city to rest


5h30: Have breakfast at the restaurant with traditional sour pho. With sour pho can be found in many places, but sour pho in Ha Giang has many differences. After breakfast, you check out and board the bus to Dong Van Plateau, located at an altitude of 1000 - 1600 meters above sea level, with many high rocky mountains, abysses, shark-toothed mountains, pyramids. .

6h00: You get on the bus to the first check-in point of the journey, Milestone 0 right at Ha Giang city. the place that marks the starting point of the legendary Happiness Road.

7h30: You move to Quan Ba: From milestone 0 to North Xum slope about 30km, you stop here to admire the sea of ​​clouds. (Usually cloudy in the early morning)
- Going on the next 20km is Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate: the viewpoint overlooks "Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain". From here, you can see the romantic Tam Son town, cool year round, like "Da Lat" of Ha Giang. In particular, you can see with your own eyes the plump, charming Quan Ba ​​Twin Mountain looks like the round breasts of a sleeping fairy, very interesting geological tectonics in Ha Giang.
- Leaving Quan Ba ​​Double Mountain to Yen Minh town about 60km. Continue the journey about 30km, the stop is Doc Tham Ma. You stop here to admire a pass like a soft silk, across the mountain. The dangerous bends of the sleeves turned into the soft knots of that silk.
- Next is Doc 9 Khoanh. From the top of a 9-row slope looking down Pho Cao valley, going up to the top of the slope with triangular flower fields, this promises to be a beautiful point in your Ha Giang conquest album.
- You continue to move to the northernmost point (Column Co Lung Cu) with an altitude of about 1,470 m above sea level, in Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province, where the North Pole Observatory of Vietnam . After that, you move to Dong Van town with 25km of pass road (1 hour travel) to the restaurant for lunch.

[b] Noon [/ b]: Have lunch at a restaurant in Dong Van - Ha Giang
- After lunch, you get on the bus to conquer Ma Pi Leng Pass, one of the most famous "Four Great Passes" in Vietnam (Ma Pi Leng, Khau Pha, Pha Din, O Quy Ho), with the 2000m above sea level with steep slopes, winding sleeves from here looking down to Nho Que river like a silk strip curling along the side of the pass, giving you a very interesting experience.
- You experience the journey of Rowing on Nho Que River running along the mountainside. Sitting on the boat, upstream, watching the clear river winding around the mountainside, the scene is so charming. The river is gentle, like a giant silk strip that curves around the special geological layer in the deep alley of Tu San and Ma Pi Leng pass. A scene is both magnificent, very poetic and romantic (she is self-sufficient). Then go to the hotel to check in.

19h00: Have dinner at the hotel restaurant. Freedom to explore the town at night with dishes such as porridge porridge, pho Trang Kuc, boiling five colors, egg rolls, egg stew, mum, corn wine are the dishes should try once in Ha Giang ...


6h00: Have a check-out and have breakfast. After breakfast, the delegation had the opportunity to attend the Dong Van fair meeting every Sunday morning. You have the opportunity to learn about Phien market culture and buy specialties as gifts for relatives and friends.
- You continue to go to the royal residence (King Meo, opium boss Indochina at that time) (more than 10km from Pao's house). This is the most unique architecture in Ha Giang, a very special historical destination in Ha Giang.
- After leaving the royal family, you continue to visit: Fox Street, Sung La, go to Lung Cam cultural village (more than 10km away from Vuong's residence): The place where the famous movie "Story of Pao" is set. - In winter, spring blooms yellow canola blossoms or peach blossoms, too suitable for romantic but culturally bold images ...

11h30: Have lunch at restaurant in Yen Minh. After lunch, you get on the bus back to Hanoi. On the way back, you stop at the stop to buy gifts for relatives.

20h30: Arrive in Hanoi, say goodbye to you and see you next time.

Xe du lịch 4 -7 - 16 - 29 chỗ sang trọng phục vụ theo hành trình, lái xe chuyên nghiệp.
Accommodation: Standard 2 guests / room. Odd Male / Female bedroom
In Ha Giang City: Homestay is clean
In Dong Van: Dong Van Resort, Lam Gia hotel, Nhu Quynh hotel
Eat 03 standard meals of 120,000 VND / meal, 02 standard breakfast 30,000 VND.
Professional tour guide service throughout the tour.
Tickets to visit sights at all destinations under the program
Insurance compensation up to 30,000,000 VND / person / case.
Drinking water is served on the car
Gifts and promotions next time.
Beverages (wine, beer, soft drinks ...) during meals and throughout the program.
Personal expenses (phone, laundry, shopping, outside the program ..)
The service does not include river boat with 100-150k VND / person.
Value added tax 10% (VAT)
Children under 05 years old free of charge.
Children from 06 - 08 years old equal to 50% of tour price for adult
Children from 09 - 10 years old equal to 75% of the tour price for adults
From 10 years old and older charged as adults

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Lung Cu, Dong Van, Ha Giang, Vietnam


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Duy Nguyễn

Duy Nguyễn

23/01/2021 19:47

Hướng dẫn viên nhiệt tình, bác tài cực chuẩn

Đường đèo đi khá vất vả nhưng bác tài quá tuyệt vời. Cảm ơn các bạn về hành trình tuyệt vời này
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