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Tra Co, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

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Trung Quốc


Located in the northeastern tip of the country, on the border between Vietnam and China, in Quang Ninh province, Tra Co is the outer edge of a natural alluvial island due to the impact of waves and coastal currents creating the scene. The sea view here is very poetic and attractive. Along the coast are sand dunes from 3m - 4m high, with villages and densely populated people, mainly living by farming and fishing. Close to the coast are strips of casuarina forest to block the wind, shady to keep the sand, and nearby also has mangrove ecosystems. With more than 15km of coastline, Tra Co is one of the longest beaches in Vietnam


1. Tra Co is the first beach along the North-South axis


Tra Co Beach in Mong Cai is a landmark marking the first beach in Vietnam

If you go along the two regions of the country in the North-South direction, this will be the first beach to welcome you. That is the special thing that stems from the geographical location of Tra Co. Therefore, if you are someone who likes to check in unique and strange places, you should take a hike to this place.

2. Beach closest to the border


Surely you already know Quang Ninh is a province bordering China. Right at the Sa Vi cape (about 6 kilometers from Tra Co) you can zoom into China. Because this beach is so close to the border, many tourists go to Tra Co to take advantage of shopping to China. Just prepare 02 4 * 6 size photos and ID card, through the travel agency, you can easily visit the neighboring country.

3. Tra Co is known as the most pristine and romantic beach in Vietnam

Referring to Quang Ninh, many people often think of Ha Long Bay, Co To, Quan Lan, .. but forget that there is also an extremely beautiful beach called Tra Co. Due to almost no human hands, the sea here is very peaceful and wild. Clear blue sea water, long white sand create a lyrical and cool space for you to immerse yourself in.


It is a deserted beach but extremely attractive in the eyes of visitors

The most special feature of Tra Co is the ingenious combination between the beauty of the Central region and the style of the North land. The emerald green waters, smooth, spongy sand is what the beaches in Central Vietnam look like. The mountains that silently shine under the clear water are unique to the North. That is why the beauty of Tra Co is extremely delicate and romantic. To have delicious - nutritious - cheap dishes, you can directly choose to buy seafood from newly caught people, then rent restaurants and hotels to process for. Delicious seafood will immerse you in the charming culinary world.

4. The longest beach in Vietnam


 Not only has a unique wild beauty, Tra Co Beach is also the longest beach in Vietnam. The beach has the longest coastline in Vietnam, stretching more than 15 kilometers, Tra Co has countless beautiful scenes to explore. break. Walking around the tranquil, pristine beach will help you blow away all your troubles. This is also a special feature that helps Tra Co Beach become an attractive destination in the eyes of those who love to explore.

5. Tra Co is a beach with many tourist attractions

Another interesting feature for those who are passionate about discovering when coming to Tra Co is that there are countless attractive destinations, making you unable to admire at all. Sa Vi cape, Den Da Den beach, golf course, Ong pagoda, Ba pagoda, ... are all attractive destinations that cannot be missed. If you visit Tra Co, you definitely cannot miss the chance to hitchhike to Mong Cai night market. There are countless cheap and beautiful items that will make you love: clothes, souvenirs, home appliances, ... and especially an area filled with Chinese food. So you can completely enjoy Chinese cuisine without going to the neighboring country.


Tra Co also offers visitors a multitude of destinations with interesting experiences


 If you are from the North, have set foot in all parts of the world, have visited remote beaches such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, .., you must go to Tra Co once to tell. Here you will discover unique and interesting points that other beaches do not have. Tra Co is a beach with great potential for tourism in the future. This sea area can develop various types of tourism such as shopping tourism (Mong Cai market or China border market), resort tourism, ecotourism (due to its long coastline, poetic, lyrical and many attractive attractions).


As a raw gem that has not been honed, just receiving the proper attention from investors and local authorities, Tra Co will surely shine and become a famous tourist destination of Quang Ninh in particular. , and of Vietnam in general. - Tour schedule and price is for reference only. Each group, depending on the number of guests and your specific requirements, we will build tour programs with reasonable itineraries with the best prices for you.


Day 1: Hanoi - Tra Co Beach (Lunch, Dinner)

06h00: Car and tour guide pick you up at the meeting point, depart for Tra Co tourist [/b]. You stop to have breakfast at your own expense in Hai Duong then continue your journey.

12h00: Have lunch in Ha Long.

Afternoon: Arrive in Tra Co, check in hotel. You are free to by swimming in Tra Co beach - The beach is known as "The most lyrical beach in Vietnam" with a wide and flat beach, smooth white sand in the blue sea throughout the four seasons.

16h30: You gather at the beach, join the TEAM BUILDING program which is extremely fun with hundreds of games organized by Checkin travel guides such as raid, letter, join hands to build a small house, ... You will feel excited, enthusiastic and full of spirit of solidarity with colleagues. (Cost does not include tour price).

Day 2: Tra Co Beach - Mong Cai - Dong Hung (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Morning: Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant. After breakfast, you are free to visit Mong Cai town, shop at Viet Trung Trade Center, Mong Cai Market ...

08h00: Car takes the delegation to Mong Cai Border Gate. The delegation did entry procedures to China , visited and took souvenir photos at Border landmark 1369 , Bac Luan Huu Nghi bridge , shopping at Dong Hung commercial area .

12h00: Have lunch at the restaurant and enjoy Chinese dishes.

Afternoon: Enter Vietnam at 15:00. Pick up the group to Mong Cai town.

18h00: Have a presence at the hotel restaurant to join the exciting "GALA DINNER" program, which is organized very thoughtfully with the careful preparation of our professional staff. The program combines cultural exchanges, fun games with attractive lottery program. You will enjoy the majestic [/ b] SEAFOOD BUFFET with hundreds of seafood dishes only available in Tra Co prepared by professional chefs. Surely you will feel very great (The cost does not include the tour price). Overnight hotel in Mong Cai.

Day 3: Mong Cai - Hanoi (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)Mong Cai - Hanoi (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

07h00: You check out the hotel, have breakfast at the hotel, after breakfast you get on the bus to depart for Hanoi.

11h00: Have lunch in Ha Long. After lunch you continue your journey to Hanoi. On the way back, the car will stop at Hai Duong. You buy specialties from Hai Duong such as: green bean cake, Gai cake, rice cake ... as gifts for relatives.

18h00: Arrive in Hanoi, guide you farewell. Ending tour to Tra Co Mong Cai - Dong Hung. See you in the next itinerary.

New air-conditioned car service throughout the program.
Eat 05 main meals 130,000 VND / meal / person.
Breakfast 50,000 VND / meal / person.
The hotel has 2 stars 2 / room.
Professional tour guide, enthusiastic to serve the tour.
Tickets to visit the destinations according to the tour schedule.
Travel insurance compensation up to 30,000,000 VND / person / service.
Drinking water, cold towel, anti-drunk medicine….
Immigration procedures and fees Dongxing - China.
Drinks during meals, laundry, .. personal expenses.
Cost of organizing team, gala.
Compensation for guides and drivers.
Children aged 11 and over are charged 100% of the tour price.
Children from 06 to 10 years old charge 75% of tour price.
Children under 05 years old free of charge.
Surcharge for double room: 560,000 VND / person / 2 nights.
Single room: 600,000 VND / person / 2 nights.

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Tra Co, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh, Vietnam


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