Moc Chau Tour 2 Days 1 Night: Checkin Flower Season - Hunting Clouds for Kia Pa Co

Moc Chau, Son La, Vietnam

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Hang Kia, Mai Chau

Hang Kia rattan hunting is becoming more and more familiar to people who move around. Here, delighting visitors with the sky and clouds. Just over 3 hours drive from Hanoi, this is an ideal destination for a weekend trip.

Ideal time to go to Hang Kia

Hunting requires a season. People who hunt for clouds have to pay more attention to the matter of time. Going to Hang Kia should avoid the rainy season, especially from October to April next year. This is the month when the clouds appear the most, the gathering is fluttering. Especially from November to February is the best time for the sea of ​​clouds. In cold weather, our hearts are fascinated with "waves, mountains, sea of ​​clouds".



Red flag with yellow star.

Standard medical mask 1 pcs / person / day.

Hand sanitizer according to health ministry standards.

Medical declaration before tour.


All customers install Bluezone apps while on tour.

Sweet fruit is only for the early risers

Waking up at 5 a.m. sounds difficult, but getting up early in Hang Kia is worth it! Before dawn, the sky of Hang Kia floated with a cloudy white color. I savor every drop of early sunlight dissolved in beautiful waves of clouds. From 7:00 am to 10:00 am, the sun has completely passed the cloud to reveal the clear, picturesque sky.

Hang Kia rattan hunting does not need to dive up the cliffs like Ta Xua. The people here have built wooden shacks among the flower fields, convenient for visitors to visit and explore. With only 10 thousand tickets, you will enjoy taking pictures in front of the majestic nature. The field of bright yellow flowers accentuates the beautiful sky. How enchanting the feeling of being embraced by the natural beauty!

homestay-y-mua-hang-kia-3-min-1536x1536.jpgAttractive activities

If you have ample time or "miss a date" with the sea of ​​clouds, there are still many interesting activities waiting for you to explore. Amid the majestic nature, the cultural beauty has been well preserved by the people here.


The community of ethnic minorities in Mong, Thai, .. living in this place has brought about unique activities. I was dressed in brilliant brocade clothes, shy by the tea garden like a real girl. Too great for a trip, do not forget to date Hang Kia on the nearest date.


Checkin Travel Synthesis.



Ngày 1: Hanoi - Moc Chau - Hang Kia Pa Co (Lunch, Dinner)

05h00: Checkintravel's car and tour guide pick you up at the Hanoi Opera House. Departure to tour Moc Chau flower season - Cloud hunting Hang Kia - Pa Co [/ b]. You stop for breakfast at your own expense in Hoa Binh city. Continue the journey to Thung Khe Pass , Thung Chuoi you stop to take pictures and catch the first rays of dawn in the mountains and forests.

10h30: Arrive in Moc Chau, have lunch at the restaurant with the best dishes of the Northwestern mountains.

13h00: After lunch, you will depart to visit:

- Happy Land Flower Garden : - The tourist site has an area of ​​nearly 5 hectares, located in the middle of a wide valley at the dwarf table, Muong Sang commune. Visitors will be greeted by carpets of flowers and heart-shaped flowers grown from a variety of beautiful flowers, including many typical Northwest flowers.

- Heart Tea Hill : This is one of the most beautiful areas in Moc Chau. Whether in winter with dry branches and leaves or springtime blooming with young leaves, Moc Chau is always surrounded by the beautiful green colors of the tea hills. The most beautiful tea hill is probably the heart tea hill, the S-shaped tea hill.

- Na Ka plum valley : Located on the road to Tan Lap commune, Na Ka plum valley 16km far from Moc Chau Farm town. From Provincial Road 104, turning left into the valley takes only a few minutes by motorbike. Before your eyes will appear a vast, flat plum valley. Every year during the plum blossom season, the valley is covered with an endless shimmering layer of plum blossoms during the most beautiful time around November and December every year. May and June will be the season of plum ripe.

17h00: You depart for Pa Co to receive a homestay to rest.

18h30: Have dinner with dishes of the Northwest high mountains. Overnight at homestay.

Ngày 2: Cloud hunting Hang Kia - Pa Co Market - Hanoi (Breakfast, Lunch)

05h00: Checkin travel car and tour guide take you to see the dawn, hunt clouds on Hang Kia Heaven Gate . The group has the opportunity to experience the winding road, sometimes the group can admire the flowers Do Quyen , Meo apples and wild flowers when conquering the cave gate. Kia is at an altitude of 1,100 m but surely when you climb here you will burst with a sense of happiness. Celebrate and take a picture of victory, watching the sunrise, and hunting clouds on the Hang Kia sky gate that maybe at least once in your life should go to enjoy that taste.

07h30: Return to the homestay for breakfast. Then try to check out and continue to depart to visit the H`mong market, which only meets on Sunday every week, which is Pa Co market . You will have the opportunity to experience the extremely unique agricultural products and brocade products of the H`mong people that cannot be found anywhere, especially near Tet.

11h00: Depart for Mai Chau, stop for lunch, then board the bus to depart for Hanoi.

18h00: Arrive in Hanoi. End of the tour schedule Moc Chau in the flower season - Hunting clouds over Pa Co 2 days 1 night. Goodbye and see you again in the next programs./.

New life car shuttle tour program.
Clean standard homestay 2 / mattress.
Eat 03 main meals 120,000 VND / person / meal, 01 breakfast.
Tickets to visit the destinations according to the tour schedule.
Cold towels, lavie drinking water, 01 bottle of 500ml / person / day.
The tour guide service is enthusiastic and attentive.
Travel insurance under the tour program compensation up to 30 million / case.
Gift: Standard mask 1 pcs / person / day. Hand sanitizer. Travel. Khẩu trang tiêu chuẩn 1 chiếc/khách/ngày. Nước rửa tay sát khuẩn.
Drinks on meals.
Costs outside the tour program.
money for the tour guide and the driver.
Children under 05 years old free of charge.
Children 5 - 9 years old charge 75% of tour price.
Phụ thu phòng riêng 450.000 vnđ/khách.
Khách nước ngoài: 350.000 vnđ/khách.
Lễ, tết 200.000 vnđ/khách.

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Moc Chau, Son La, Vietnam


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